Mind Matters

Mind Matters is a private mental health practice offering supportive individual and couples psychotherapy, parent and career coaching and EMDR. Specialized focus includes women in transitional stages of life, including but not limited to, pre and postpartum, motherhood and identity loss, anxiety and depression, relationship struggles and un-resolved family of origin issues that limit the joy in your life. 

Melissa Montblanc, LSCW

Welcome! I am Melissa MontBlanc, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the therapist behind Mind Matters.

I have been serving clients in a clinical capacity for almost 15 years. When I am in the therapy room, I feel completely in my element, doing exactly what I was born to do. My style is active, not passive, and you will feel my presence as we work together to identify barriers, build bridges, improve relationships and increase your joy.

I operate under the belief that people are capable of change, deserving of evolution and craving deeper connections to themselves and others. I look forward to helping you restore your hope and move in the direction of your best self.

Megan Loera, LSCW

My name is Megan Loera and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been practicing with children, adults, and families for over 14 years. My life’s passion has always been helping others, and I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your path!

I truly enjoy getting to know all of my clients on a deeper level and exploring their unique challenges, needs, and talents. I will be open, warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental as we navigate the therapy process together and begin to seek healthier patterns and increase contentment and peace.

I have extensive experience with immigration, foster youth, childhood abuse and trauma, early intervention, sexual assault, chronic medical conditions, ptsd, and developmental disabilities. I have assisted many families with parent child conflict, and look forward to offering this to my future clients.

My core belief is that each of us experiences periods of pain and hardship on this unpredictable journey we call life, and therapy can be a powerful means of support and healing. I also believe as individuals we desire hope, love, peace and joy, and I would love to be a part of helping you rediscover these core elements! I welcome all backgrounds and cultural identities and can incorporate spiritual preference and faith into our work if desired. I am bilingual, fluent in Spanish and love to use this in clinical work too!

Esther Diaz

My name is Esther Diaz, I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker under the supervision of Melissa MontBlanc, LCSW.

I have been in the Social Work and Counseling field for over 11 years.  I work with individuals, families, and children and have extensive experience with the complexities of family systems and the relation to education and behavioral management techniques in and outside of the academic environment. I have helped a lot of families with stressful parent-child interactions and am well versed on the challenges of anxiety and depression in adolescence. I have worked as a rape counselor, a supportive therapist for those in recovery, and specialize in seeing anxiety and depression as it relates to underlying trauma.

I have also turned my passion of world travel into a non-profit that teaches individuals in developing countries how to develop healthy coping skills and lead fuller lives. 

I love providing support to people as they move forward in their journey. I believe that the therapeutic environment is the perfect place for self-discovery, healing, and an opportunity to experience hope. I consider it an honor to be a part of the process of a person’s emotional healing and breakthroughs, and I look forward to working with you!


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